Across the continent of Meggarrah grows one seemingly endless ocean of ancient forest. Three mountain ranges bubble up through the continent, creating pitted valleys and epic waterfalls that carve the earth deep and lead into networks of subterranean caves and lakes.

Small cities dot the exterior of Meggarrah, and a few villages are nestled along the arterial GreenLeaf River that flows down the crown range of the Unger Mountains from the Northwest corner of Meggarrah and down into the Southeast delta, leading into the Whipfish Bay and eventually into the Angledown Sea.

The campaign takes place, however, in the center of the continent: Deep in the thick of wooded lands…

The Comb Mountains are tall, thin, tooth-like slivers of earth that encircle the verdant old forests of Kort like a jawbone. The forests are very ancient, almost all pine or cold tolerant varieties. The village of Godstone is located deep in the valley:
Menacing stone statues of carved devils holding lanterns flanking the tall barred door of the gates meet travelers coming through the forest on the Long Road. At the top of the looming dark wood gates, there are thick iron spikes and crossbowmen. On the door is a small panel that with a loud bang, suddenly slides open to reveal a twisted peering face. His eyes are worthless, but the Doorkeeper seems to still see all.. If not moreā€¦

Welcome to the Village of Godstone! Founded by Baron Harkus Kort in the Third Reign of Yal, this quaint village was once home to magnificent industry. In fact, you remember the days when beautiful cartloads of metals, woodcarvings, and granite.
After a series of brutal and inexplicable murders over the course of 2 years, trading posts and merchants have closed shops, and industry has suffered over the following ten years.
Now, the village is at the point of riot.

You may be here because you are investigating the murders and why they were never solved… you may be here because you heard of the glorious FESTIVAL OF GOLD that just may happen after 10 years of silence… or maybe you’re here to offer your aid to the people of Godstone…

For whatever reason, you have traveled far. How’s about a visit to the SilverPipe Inn?

GodStone Village

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