GodStone Village

day 5

we get ready for the rehearsal. We notice Gina( the girl who passed out in the woods) leaving Gideon’s room(sneakily). Gideon is in a bad mood this morning. We rehearse for the play, which is really bad. Harkus Kourte is the part played by Gideon, whom the play is mostly about. (harkus is the person whose portrait we saw in the town hall). we go to Dusty Old Books and tell Molly (the owner) about Kaia, and Tibestus. she translates a section of the old book (harkus kourts journal)
|It is about someone being hungry and eating a lot. Her call is too powereful, no regrets, I have done right. my followers will have never ending power for i am a god.|

We learn the village was founded 110 years ago and harkus died when he was 98, he was in remarkbale health when he died, he was human. The journal is bound in a style that no one uses anymore approx 300 years old. He founed the town when he was 70. The cover of the journal says “if i cannot deflect the will of heaven then i will move hell.”

We go to do the play and the first act is bad. and at the end of it in the climax of my beautiful performance something falls onto the stage behind us Wrapped in the curtains is a bloody corpse that fell. I finish the act like a professional gideon triels to come on stage, and he is covered in blood. Inside the curtain that fell is Gina’s corpse!

Day 4

We notice that a lot of people are arriving in town for the festival. We arrive to the private chamber in the inn that Gideon Rosewater has rented for dinner. the room is guarded by Matau, the male orc guard.We enter, and meet Gideon and some of his guests, a coppery dragonborn(bartot) , 2 female elves(penelope and tau, conjoined at the hip), a bear in fancy dress( who can talk), a small wildman, and Ertol (Gideons Female orc guard. )

Gideon has recruited us here to put us in a play. I am playing the Lady of the Lake, Astile is “the villain”, Abzug is king, Godric is a beggar.

I’m going to write a song about the bear (Wrass) and the man (Keurig). It turns out the bear used to be in the mans body and was a druid, and cant figure out how to get back.

Later we get invited to a party for the festival and we decide to sneak into the temple which is on a hill.
We sneak inside and find a rabbit which has had its head torn off laying on the sun altar, and the blue flowers on the moon altar.
Astile Finds a creepy book! And Godric casts detect magic and it makes him sick and learns that they are summoning something from deep underground.
Godric gets caught by Stayva. (astile and crocus hide themselves/ escape). We dash off, and we’ll do the play!

Level up to 3!

day 3
Return from the woods

In the woods where we are looking for the blue flowers we find, in the remains of the montster girl, a heavy pearl that matches the one Sarah’s. The priestess girls are shady about what they know, and one faints(gina) and the other(stayva) leaves us alone in the woods. As we come back into town nedkus summons some priestesses to help the fainted girl. They rush off, and Nedkus gives us a book with the blue flowers from where Kaia disappeared pressed into the pages.

Nedkus’ Book
when he last spoke with her, she left him with a small book filled with pressed flowers.

The High Priestess (Dalmuti) is shady about details of why they need the flowers. We try to get a tour of the church and they wont see us until tmorrow. Carolyn and I go to buy fancy clothes for tea and dinner. Sarah and Meghan find Tibestus’ corpse back in the woods.

The clothier is Ixis Utul, he’s some kind of witch magician clothier who came from the east and is very old and has furry ears and tail.

They re-bury the corpse, and we arrive for tea, but sarah and Meghan don’t make it back in time.

We are greeted by Ursula, who is disapproving of our absent companions. We see many unsettling paintings the largest is a scary painting of Harkus Kort (the progenitor) who is standing on the head of a wolf and holding a spear. Ursula is not interested in explaining the paintings to us. We arrive at the reception room,

Sarah and Meghan arrive in the inn to find the sheriff talking to a recently arrived (since we went into the woods) caravan. All the guards and nedkus and some hired guards are having a meeting in the common room. They spy on the meeting.
||the harvest festival, the festival of gold||
the sheriff has hired on some help to keep out trouble. A couple of the mercs have some orc body part trophies (scalps). there is an elf with skin similar to sarah’s (who notices them spying).

Only one council member is going to meet with us. A small woman (who has a portrait in the hall we saw) She has a small cane, Karstons Court is her name. She doesnt part with any information readily. She does claim that all the murder is done with and that she does not agree with Gideon. She doesn’t want him to bring change. She says “we havent lost ANYTHING” when asked about the decrease in industry. When asked about losing lives she (genuinely) tears up and is sad about the loss of lives. with that, we head back to the inn

They run into the mercs with the trophies! They get insulted, and deal with it gracefully! BUt the mercs attack them anyway! We summarily trounce them (without killing) and we find that the trophies are deer skin dyed to look like orc scalps. A lot of people saw us kick their butts.

4/8- Campaign day 2

summary of last session- we go to Godstone Village and meet Nedkus Gibbledon, the gatekeeper. In the bar we met Gideon Rosewater, a smarmy (?) go-getter. He is originally from Godstone, but left for a long time and now that he has come back he is different. He has 2 orc body guards who are somewhat annoyed by him. We decided to go to the Wood Woe Lodge.

We meet Ursula Dietricht at the Wood Woe. We are visiting at the behest of Nedkus, who advised us to formally announce our presence in town. We will meet with the council at tea time. We remember that we also were invited to dinner by Gideon.

In the mean time we decide to visit the sheriff’s. The sheriff is a cranky little fat man. Godric behaves terribly and is removed from the sherriff’s.

We go to Dusty Old Books. The proprietor is Molly who collects oddities, and she has a series of strange skulls on the shelf, as well as a strange pearl orb, that Astille is v. interested in. Astille buys the small pearl orb.

We find some missin persons posters: (these are not reports we had heard in the outside world, becdause they are not known to be murders.)
Kaia Hillside:
Missing at the age of 14. She was last seen fetching firewood and went back to retrieve her lost smock. Missing for 3 years.
Gregget Tibestus:
Missing at the age of 56, he was a trader at the outer post connecting the Long Road to the Ferry Port near the Greenleaf River. He was taken from his post and never found.
Thea Middleton:
aged 34. presumed dead, after disappearing 3 beheaded rabbits and a scrap of her dress we found on her families stoop.

we find the priestesses arguing about going out into the woods. The junior priestesses don’t want to go out because they fear for their safety. We are asked to help with the fetch quest. We learn that it has been 2 years since the most recent disappearance. the high priestess is called Altuin of Normandoor.
The 2 girls we are escorting in the woods are Sally and Peggy. They think Kaia ran away to the big city.

We meet the monster that Kaia has become, and she impales herself on a spear to put herself out of her misery. The 2 priestesses are very upset because they seem to have been complicit in the transformation of the girl.

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