Godric Vane

You haven't heard of my wildly successful first novel?


Godric Vane’s first novel was a tour-de-force, capturing the imaginations of all the lights of Tok’s Bard’s guild with his intricate mystery plot and vivid descriptive language. ALL OF THE TOK Bard’s guild is waiting with baited breath for his second installment, which was slated for release 6 months ago.

“Look I know the fans are really excited about my second installment, but these things just take time” Vane told a Daily Courier reporter last week. “this second novel is very special to me, becuase it’s not just another murder mystery, it’s really about finding myself. Or anyone! Finding themselves! It’s a very universal feeling… I think”

Godric Vane is currently traveling on a Bard’s Guild Endowment.


Godric Vane

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