GodStone Village

4/8- Campaign day 2

summary of last session- we go to Godstone Village and meet Nedkus Gibbledon, the gatekeeper. In the bar we met Gideon Rosewater, a smarmy (?) go-getter. He is originally from Godstone, but left for a long time and now that he has come back he is different. He has 2 orc body guards who are somewhat annoyed by him. We decided to go to the Wood Woe Lodge.

We meet Ursula Dietricht at the Wood Woe. We are visiting at the behest of Nedkus, who advised us to formally announce our presence in town. We will meet with the council at tea time. We remember that we also were invited to dinner by Gideon.

In the mean time we decide to visit the sheriff’s. The sheriff is a cranky little fat man. Godric behaves terribly and is removed from the sherriff’s.

We go to Dusty Old Books. The proprietor is Molly who collects oddities, and she has a series of strange skulls on the shelf, as well as a strange pearl orb, that Astille is v. interested in. Astille buys the small pearl orb.

We find some missin persons posters: (these are not reports we had heard in the outside world, becdause they are not known to be murders.)
Kaia Hillside:
Missing at the age of 14. She was last seen fetching firewood and went back to retrieve her lost smock. Missing for 3 years.
Gregget Tibestus:
Missing at the age of 56, he was a trader at the outer post connecting the Long Road to the Ferry Port near the Greenleaf River. He was taken from his post and never found.
Thea Middleton:
aged 34. presumed dead, after disappearing 3 beheaded rabbits and a scrap of her dress we found on her families stoop.

we find the priestesses arguing about going out into the woods. The junior priestesses don’t want to go out because they fear for their safety. We are asked to help with the fetch quest. We learn that it has been 2 years since the most recent disappearance. the high priestess is called Altuin of Normandoor.
The 2 girls we are escorting in the woods are Sally and Peggy. They think Kaia ran away to the big city.

We meet the monster that Kaia has become, and she impales herself on a spear to put herself out of her misery. The 2 priestesses are very upset because they seem to have been complicit in the transformation of the girl.


There was also a missing party of noblepersons. Also odie glugg, who was eaten except for his hands and feet.

4/8- Campaign day 2

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