GodStone Village

Day 4

We notice that a lot of people are arriving in town for the festival. We arrive to the private chamber in the inn that Gideon Rosewater has rented for dinner. the room is guarded by Matau, the male orc guard.We enter, and meet Gideon and some of his guests, a coppery dragonborn(bartot) , 2 female elves(penelope and tau, conjoined at the hip), a bear in fancy dress( who can talk), a small wildman, and Ertol (Gideons Female orc guard. )

Gideon has recruited us here to put us in a play. I am playing the Lady of the Lake, Astile is “the villain”, Abzug is king, Godric is a beggar.

I’m going to write a song about the bear (Wrass) and the man (Keurig). It turns out the bear used to be in the mans body and was a druid, and cant figure out how to get back.

Later we get invited to a party for the festival and we decide to sneak into the temple which is on a hill.
We sneak inside and find a rabbit which has had its head torn off laying on the sun altar, and the blue flowers on the moon altar.
Astile Finds a creepy book! And Godric casts detect magic and it makes him sick and learns that they are summoning something from deep underground.
Godric gets caught by Stayva. (astile and crocus hide themselves/ escape). We dash off, and we’ll do the play!

Level up to 3!



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