GodStone Village

day 5

we get ready for the rehearsal. We notice Gina( the girl who passed out in the woods) leaving Gideon’s room(sneakily). Gideon is in a bad mood this morning. We rehearse for the play, which is really bad. Harkus Kourte is the part played by Gideon, whom the play is mostly about. (harkus is the person whose portrait we saw in the town hall). we go to Dusty Old Books and tell Molly (the owner) about Kaia, and Tibestus. she translates a section of the old book (harkus kourts journal)
|It is about someone being hungry and eating a lot. Her call is too powereful, no regrets, I have done right. my followers will have never ending power for i am a god.|

We learn the village was founded 110 years ago and harkus died when he was 98, he was in remarkbale health when he died, he was human. The journal is bound in a style that no one uses anymore approx 300 years old. He founed the town when he was 70. The cover of the journal says “if i cannot deflect the will of heaven then i will move hell.”

We go to do the play and the first act is bad. and at the end of it in the climax of my beautiful performance something falls onto the stage behind us Wrapped in the curtains is a bloody corpse that fell. I finish the act like a professional gideon triels to come on stage, and he is covered in blood. Inside the curtain that fell is Gina’s corpse!



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